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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 11/17)

[picture: School House 4]

School House 4

A New England school house in Toronto!

[picture: Restaurant door]

Restaurant door

A black door in Toronto with a bright intricately-maded wrought-iron blue grille over it. I think this is on King Street East.

[picture: Trinity Street Parkette]

Trinity Street Parkette

The small park next to Little Trinity Church in Toronto.

[picture: School House 5]

School House 5

The schoolhouse from the other side of the church, with a romantic over-exposed effect from the August sunlight.

[picture: School House 6]

School House 6

A slightly different focus.

[picture: Downtown Toronto]

Downtown Toronto

The view of the CN Tower from King at Parliament Street.

[picture: Old brick wall and seat]

Old brick wall and seat

A bench in a quiet spot in the city.

[picture: Old brick wall and seat 2]

Old brick wall and seat 2

A bench in a quiet spot in the city. The iron gate is part-way open.

[picture: Old brick wall]

Old brick wall

hand-made bricks make a texture.

[picture: Old brick wall 2]

Old brick wall 2

From further away so you get more bricks.

[picture: Brick wall with creeper]

Brick wall with creeper

Creeper, leaves, shadows, hand-made bricks on this old wall.

[picture: Brick wall with creeper 2]

Brick wall with creeper 2

Sunlight and shadow on the leaves of the creeper over this brick wall.

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