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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 12/17)

[picture: Old brck wall 3]

Old brck wall 3

Another shot of old hand-made bricks.

[picture: Old brick wall 4]

Old brick wall 4

Seen from an angle.

[picture: Carved man's face]

Carved man’s face

A keystone or capital of an arch, carved with the face of a man, on King street, Toronto. Overhead a balcony with a stone balustrade (banisters, if you prefer). Beneath, an arched window. [more...]

[picture: Stone coat of arms]

Stone coat of arms

An heraldic device in stone on the side of a building on King Street, Toronto.

[picture: Carved man's face 2]

Carved man’s face 2

A closer view.

[picture: Stone coat of arms 2]

Stone coat of arms 2

A closer view.

[picture: Rosettes]


Small rosettes on the side of the building. Decorative architectural elements.

[picture: Carved man's face 3]

Carved man’s face 3

not because I’m fascinated but for use as royalty-free stock images e.g. for photomanipulation. Carved face on the end of a stone block. Frowning and bearded. [more...]

[picture: Carved man's face 4]

Carved man’s face 4

Also showing a heraldic device, of which there are separate pictures.

[picture: Stone coat of arms 3]

Stone coat of arms 3

Also showing the carved man’s faces, of which there are separate photos.

[picture: Carved man's face 5]

Carved man’s face 5

Even I’m getting tired of these.

[picture: Carved laurel wreath corbels]

Carved laurel wreath corbels

More decorative architectural elements from an 18th century building on King Street East in Toronto. there are also some rosettes.

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