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Toronto: Unsorted photos from August 2004 (page 2/17)

[picture: Cherry Tomatoes]

Cherry Tomatoes

Close-up of two tomatoes.

[picture: Purple and yellow flowers]

Purple and yellow flowers

Purple and yellow droopy flowers.

[picture: Cherry Tomatoes 2]

Cherry Tomatoes 2

With more leaves and some unripe tomatoes in the background

[picture: Cherry Tomatoes 3]

Cherry Tomatoes 3

With more leaves and some unripe tomatoes in the background

[picture: Belleville Railway Station]

Belleville Railway Station

The railway station (US: railroad station) at Belleville, Ontario.

[picture: Belleville Railway Station 2]
[picture: Skateboarding youth]

Skateboarding youth

A teenage boy or young man wearing a crash helmet and riding a skate board outside a night-club called “The Doc’s Palace.”.

[picture: Bike Rack]

Bike Rack

A place to lock your bicycle when you leave it behind.

[picture: Goods Train]

Goods Train

US freight train. With an empty railway track (US: railroad line) in the foreground. Lots of trucks.

[picture: Approaching train]

Approaching train

A Via Rail (Viarail) passenger train approaching the platform.

[picture: Luggage cart]

Luggage cart

An old-fashioned lugggage cart at Belleville station.

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