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UK Holiday 06: Cornwall Day 1 (Tintagal Castle) (page 4/11)

[picture: Secret Garden 2]

Secret Garden 2

Path through an arched gap in the hedge into the light. You need a sense of mystery if you’re going to visit King Arthur’s castle.

[picture: Purple flower]

Purple flower

A droopy flower in close-up.

[picture: Ornate lamp]

Ornate lamp

This antique light fitting was probably originally an oil or gas lamp.

[picture: Lantern]


A lantern outside the hotel, for use as a stock image of a light from a slightly unusual angle.

[picture: Church on the cliff]

Church on the cliff

A church near Tintagel castle, with its tower outlined against the sky. Did Arthur and Lancelot worship here?

[picture: Cave entrance]

Cave entrance

Looking down a hill we see a cleft, a hole, a gap, a gaping cave-mouth.

[picture: ]

[picture: ]

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