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UK Holiday 06: Cornwall Day 1 (Tintagal Castle) (page 7/11)

[picture: Merlin's Cave]

Merlin’s Cave

The cave at the foot of the cliff under Tintagel Castle is called Merlin’s Cave, although since the tide fills it I doubt Merlin lived here. It did make me think [...] [more...]

[picture: Merlin's Cave 2]

Merlin’s Cave 2

The entrance to the cave.

[picture: Blurred Rock Texture]

Blurred Rock Texture

Couldn’t hold my hand steady for long enough for this shot. [scheduled for deletion].

[picture: Merlin's Cave 3: blurred reflections]

Merlin’s Cave 3: blurred reflections

There’s a sharper version of this, Image 2571.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 4: Portal to another world]

Merlin’s Cave 4: Portal to another world

The aliens were here. Or maybe it was a remnant of Merlin’s magic, a blaze of light. Or maybe I just had the camera shutter open too long.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 5: Portal to another world 2]

Merlin’s Cave 5: Portal to another world 2

Being in this cave was a very spiritual experience for me.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 6: The Other Side]

Merlin’s Cave 6: The Other Side

There’s a thin slit at the far end of the cave. Water, tide pools, in places deeper than my ankles, lay between the rocks. I don’t know how long the cave has been here, nor who has been here before me. Were [...] [more...]

[picture: Merlin's Cave 7: Chimney]

Merlin’s Cave 7: Chimney

Looks like there was also a chimney leading up to the castle, but I don’t remember for sure.

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