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UK Holiday 06: Cornwall Day 1 (Tintagal Castle) (page 8/11)

[picture: Merlin's Cave 8: wet rocks]

Merlin’s Cave 8: wet rocks

The tide was coming in fast. The white here is from waves.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 9: Tide foam]

Merlin’s Cave 9: Tide foam

The waves on the rocks made foam.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 9: The tide coming in]

Merlin’s Cave 9: The tide coming in

The water came into the cave.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 10: rock texture]

Merlin’s Cave 10: rock texture

A bit of rock in poor focus.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 11: rock texture 2]

Merlin’s Cave 11: rock texture 2

A bit more blurry rock.

[picture: Merlin's Cave 12: rock texture 3]

Merlin’s Cave 12: rock texture 3

Striated, that is, with stripes made when the different layers of rocks formed.

[picture: Clam In Motion]

Clam In Motion

This barnacle or clam is so frightened of the camera it’s making the whole picture shake!

[picture: Clam In Motion 2]

Clam In Motion 2

A closer view.

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