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UK Holiday 8: Cornwall: Restormel Castle, Cornwall (page 2/8)

[picture: Standing Stone]

Standing Stone

We stopped at a junction in the road where there were some houses and this stone, unmarked. Probably it is an old boundary stone. I’m not actually sure where it is. [more...]

[picture: Standing Stone 2]

Standing Stone 2

The standing stone is against a hedge. The upright might be concrete

[picture: Standing stone 3]

Standing stone 3

A typically English country village scene! A row of stone cottages with a monument in the foreground.

[picture: Restormel Castle 1: entrance]

Restormel Castle 1: entrance

Taken from the car park. This shows (on the left) part of the curtain wall, and (towards the right) the gatehouse. The ticket office is to the right of the large tree. It’s all very low key. [more...]

[picture: Restormel Castle 2: Grassy bank]

Restormel Castle 2: Grassy bank

The castle was built some time around A.D. 1300, but the motte, or hill, was made (or more likely augmented) in Norman times, so between 1070 and 1150 or so. [more...]

[picture: Restormel Castle 3: The Gatehouse]

Restormel Castle 3: The Gatehouse

At one time there would have been a portcullis, either of wood or (more likely) of iron, a grid that could be raised into the upper part of the gate-house and [...] [more...]

[picture: Restormel Castle 4: The Gatehouse 2]

Restormel Castle 4: The Gatehouse 2

An attempt to recreate (from memory) the photograph Sir Charles Oman used in his Castles book of the Gatehouse. He called it Restormal, by the way. [more...]

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