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UK Holiday 10: Porthallow (page 2/4)

[picture: ]

[picture: Flowerbox]


Flowerboxes on the wall, which was actually carved out of rock since the place where we stayed was built into the side of a steep hill.

[picture: pink and purple flowers]

pink and purple flowers

I don’t know what they were, but they were pretty. [more...]

[picture: Cornish House]

Cornish House

This was the back of the place where we stayed. It’s a stone cottage, probably with a slate roof although it might be moss-covered tiles.

[picture: Cornish Cottage]

Cornish Cottage

A cottage in Porthallow with a thatched roof and a wooden fence. Even the porch roof is thatched.

[picture: Porthallow Beach]

Porthallow Beach

The beach was pebbly, but it certainly wasn’t too busy! There are some boats pulled up well above the high tide mark. The beach is in a cove, with hills all around it. [more...]

[picture: Porthallow Beach 2]

Porthallow Beach 2

Showing the edge of the little town as well as the shore. English towns are very unlike North American towns, and the longer I live in North America the more I miss them. It seems as if everyone is in a big pile, because the [...]stop abd then it’s pure country. [more...]

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