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UK Holiday 10: Porthallow (page 3/4)

[picture: Porthallow Beach 3]

Porthallow Beach 3

This is a view of the beach and most of the town, taken from the nearby hill. As you can see, the houses all nestle together with relatively unpopulated countryside all around [...] [more...]

[picture: Porthallow Beach 4]

Porthallow Beach 4

From this end of the beach you can’t see any buildings at all.

[picture: Porthallow Beach 5]

Porthallow Beach 5

I took quite a few of these because there are not many Cornish beaches in Canada.

[picture: Rock texture]

Rock texture

A close-up of a rock.

[picture: Rock texture 2]

Rock texture 2

A close-up of another rock. It almost looks like a fossilised spider’s web!

[picture: Rock texture 3]

Rock texture 3

Another one.

[picture: Porthallow Cottage]

Porthallow Cottage

A building in the centre of the town, complete with a public bench and a bright red telephone box.

[picture: ]

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