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UK Holiday 10: Falmouth (page 2/9)

[picture: Boat]


Clyde (my husband (yes, get over it)) was really interested in the Great Lakes freighters, and at first when he saw this ship in dry dock in Falmouth he thought it was no bigger than the average freighter we get sailing past in Lake Ontario. But then I pointed out some people moving about. In the largest image you can make out someone wearing blue [...] [more...]

[picture: Pendennis Castle 1: the moat]

Pendennis Castle 1: the moat

A stone bridge has been built over the site of the castle moat, which of course would once have been filled with water.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A stone wall with weeds growing in it.

[picture: Pendennis Castle 2: bridge over the moat]

Pendennis Castle 2: bridge over the moat

A stone bridge leads to the entrance to Pendennis Castle.

[picture: Pendennis Castle 3: Castle door]

Pendennis Castle 3: Castle door

The doorway into the castle has an arch with a proud (sticking out, protruding) keystone and lots of masonry work.

[picture: Pendennis Castle 4: Through the gate-house]

Pendennis Castle 4: Through the gate-house

Through the arch a path leads up a hill.

[picture: Pendennis Castle 5: Drawbridge winch]

Pendennis Castle 5: Drawbridge winch

A ratchet mechanism with a chain; probably used for lowering a portcullis or raising a drawbridge at one time.

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