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UK Holiday 11: Cornwall 5: St Ives (page 2/10)

[picture: St Ives Street]

St Ives Street

St Ives is a hilly town. You can see the church tower with its clock, and also catch a glimpse of the ocean on the left.

[picture: St Ives Street 2]

St Ives Street 2

This is actually a two-way street in St. Ives, and the Landrover Defender going down it is not a particularly large car by North American standards. But it easily navigates the road [...] [more...]

[picture: St Ives Beach]

St Ives Beach

One of the beaches at St Ives, with a promentory of rocks, lots of sand, and blue water.

[picture: View from the Tate Art Gallery]

View from the Tate Art Gallery

A view of the beach from inside the Tate art gallery. [more...]

[picture: St Ives Beach 2]

St Ives Beach 2

View of the beach from the Tate art gallery.

[picture: St Ives Beach 3]

St Ives Beach 3

The roof tiles are covered in moss: this is not a dry location!

[picture: St Ives Beach 4]

St Ives Beach 4

Another view. These are unsorted photos.

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