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UK Holiday 11: Cornwall 5: St Ives (page 3/10)

[picture: St Ives Beach 5]

St Ives Beach 5

At least it’s not in focus.

[picture: No access to the beach]

No access to the beach

A white-painted iron gate locked closed, with the sand and the waves in the background.

[picture: Modern White Tower]

Modern White Tower

Part of the Tate gallery in St Ives.

[picture: Modern White Tower 2]

Modern White Tower 2

Actually quite a striking building.

[picture: Modern White Tower 3]

Modern White Tower 3

OK OK, I’ll choose one I like and put it on a gallery.

This one has a nice view of the security camera.

[picture: No access to the beach 2]

No access to the beach 2

Really no access.

[picture: No access to the beach 3]

No access to the beach 3

Different camera settings.

[picture: St Ives Roofs]

St Ives Roofs

Rooves/roofs of houses at St Ives have moss on them.

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