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UK Holiday 11: Cornwall 5: St Ives (page 4/10)

[picture: St Ives Roofs 2]

St Ives Roofs 2

Another view from the Tate Gallery.

[picture: Cornish graveyard]

Cornish graveyard

A sad and dreary place, but full of peace, with tombstones and well-kept grass.

[picture: Cornish graveyard 2]

Cornish graveyard 2

A closer view.

[picture: Cornish graveyard 3]

Cornish graveyard 3

Grave-stones silhouetted against the sky.

[picture: Sock offering]

Sock offering

An abandoned sock in the graveyard.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A stone wall with ivy on it. They’re big stones.

[picture: St Ives Street 3]

St Ives Street 3

A street in the town.

[picture: Stairs to the light]

Stairs to the light

Stone steps lead up beside an old crumbling stone wall, with creepers everywhere.

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