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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 10/17)

[picture: Chapel from the outside]

Chapel from the outside

I am not certain if this was the chapel actually, but it was a circular part of the castle high up.

[picture: Castle alley]

Castle alley

High on a roof, there are more rooms, more battlements, steps, windows and tiled rooves. They used slate, too, none of this modern imitation shingle rubbish that only lasts a few years. [more...]

[picture: Castle window]

Castle window

A window in a stone wall.

[picture: Castle window 2]

Castle window 2

Another window, seen straight-on, e.g. so you can use it in a 3d modelling program.

[picture: Gothic architecture]

Gothic architecture

Lots of castle bits here!

[picture: Castle chapel from the outside]

Castle chapel from the outside

Some ecclesiastical architecture here atop the castle.

[picture: Round tower]

Round tower

A circular stone tower for defence [US: defense].

[picture: Round tower 2]

Round tower 2

Some more castle architecture.

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