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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 11/17)

[picture: Round tower 3]

Round tower 3

The battlements.

[picture: Beyond these castle walls]

Beyond these castle walls

Looking out from the battlements to the blue cornish sea.

[picture: Castle tower]

Castle tower

Looking out from the tower over the crenellations [US: crenelations] that form the battlements.

[picture: Sundial]


A sundial set into the stone of a castle tower, with the blue blue sea in the background.

[picture: Sundial 2]

Sundial 2

Another view, this time with the horizon visible.

[picture: Inner courtyard of the Castle]

Inner courtyard of the Castle

High stone walls, iron drain pipes, battlements, it’s life as usual inside a castle.

[picture: Stone steps to balcony]

Stone steps to balcony

Stone steps over an arch lead up to a gothic window .

[picture: Rocks in the sea]

Rocks in the sea

Looking down from the castle walls to the rocky coastline. This castle is not going to be taken by sea.

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