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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 15/17)

[picture: Round castle tower 3]

Round castle tower 3

With the water far below

[picture: Stone steps leading up to a chapel door]

Stone steps leading up to a chapel door

A stone staircase leads up through an arched doorway into the castle chapel.

[picture: Arched door]

Arched door

An arched oak door in a stone wall.

[picture: Ornate arched doorway]

Ornate arched doorway

An ornately carved stone doorway leads into the Blue Drawing Room in the castle..

[picture: Battlements]


The tops of the castle walls are crenellated [US: crenelated] so that archers can fire arrows through them.

[picture: Stone balcony]

Stone balcony

The arched windows on the right are part of the castle chapel.

[picture: Stone turret]

Stone turret

The stone turret for a watchman.

[picture: Steps up to the chapel]

Steps up to the chapel

The church is reached by stone steps.

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