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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 17/17)

[picture: Shallow stone steps]

Shallow stone steps

Cobbled steps alongside the castle.

[picture: Castle cottages]

Castle cottages

Somewhere for the labourers to live.

[picture: Castle cottages 2]

Castle cottages 2

Somewhere for the labourers to live.

[picture: Quiet graveyard]

Quiet graveyard

This peaceful churchyard features an old tree, well-kept grass lawns, and old stone tombs, all seen through a pointed arch of stone and a wrought iron gate. [more...]

[picture: Quiet graveyard 2]

Quiet graveyard 2

But you can’t get in.

[picture: Quiet graveyard 3]

Quiet graveyard 3

With hydrangeas, a tree and a tomb.

[picture: Quiet graveyard 4]

Quiet graveyard 4

yet another view.

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