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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 4/17)

[picture: Cockle shell]

Cockle shell

Actually it’s probably a limpet or barnacle. A fairly extreme close-up.

[picture: Castle harbour 2]

Castle harbour 2

THe boats lie on the sand beside the old stone wall until the tide comes back.

[picture: Castle harbour 3]

Castle harbour 3

Boats waiting for the tide to come back. You can see by the dark part of the stone wall how deep it gets.

[picture: Castle harbour 4]

Castle harbour 4

Looking the other way.

[picture: Gull]


A seagull on the wall at the edge of the harbour.

[picture: Boat chains]

Boat chains

Chains used to moor a boat.

[picture: Boat chains 2]

Boat chains 2

Chains used to moor a boat, together with some coiled rope.

[picture: Castle harbour 5]

Castle harbour 5

boats lying on the sand waiting for the tide to come backl in the foreground a barnacle or capstan.

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