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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 5/17)

[picture: Porter's Lodge]

Porter’s Lodge

Actually I don’t remember what this building was, but it was on the outside of the castle walls. It has a pointed rood, and windows with stone mullions; the path is cobbled, which I recall [...] [more...]

[picture: Castle out-building]

Castle out-building

Old stone buildings.

[picture: Rough stone steps]

Rough stone steps

The steps up to the castle itself were made from roughly-hewn stone worn smooth by many thousands of feet.

[picture: Cobbled path]

Cobbled path

Did I mention that this was uncomfortable to walk on when barefoot?

[picture: Cobbled path 2]

Cobbled path 2

It might have hurt my feet a little, but it really does look pretty, and peaceful too.

[picture: Cobbled path 3]

Cobbled path 3

Different camera settings, and the sun came out.

[picture: Cobbled path 4]

Cobbled path 4

Finally a good shot! Peace, quiet and solitude. Although in fact the castle was very busy with tourists.

[picture: Well cover]

Well cover

Every castle needs a source of water. This cover is wood with iron around it, and iron strap hinges. They don’t make htem like this any more.

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