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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 6/17)

[picture: First glimpse of the castle]

First glimpse of the castle

Looking up at the castle. And yes, there’s a person standing on the battlements.

[picture: First glimpse of the castle 2]

First glimpse of the castle 2

OK, maybe this is the second glimpse!

[picture: First glimpse of the castle 3]

First glimpse of the castle 3

It’s well defended.

[picture: A ruined bit]

A ruined bit

Although the castle itself is in good repair, this old building part-way up the path is just a ruin.

[picture: Ruined tower]

Ruined tower

An old watch tower or maybe a gun emplacement? It’s now overgrown with creeper.

[picture: Sentry window]

Sentry window

Somewhere a defender could watch for the approach of attackers?

[picture: Through the sentry window]

Through the sentry window

Looking out from the ruined stone building.

[picture: Shallow steps]

Shallow steps

Some rough stone steps leading up.

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