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2004 UK Holiday 12: Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount (page 9/17)

[picture: Castle entrance]

Castle entrance

Shallow stone steps lead up to the castle doorway, which is slightly arched. Over the door is a heraldic crest.

[picture: Stone pineapple]

Stone pineapple

Everyone needs a stone pineapple on the edge of a cliff.

[picture: 1784 water tank]

1784 water tank

A cistern or water tank dated September 29th, 1784.

[picture: Overgrown battlements]

Overgrown battlements

More ivy behind the crennelations.

[picture: 1784 water tank 2]

1784 water tank 2

Another view.

[picture: Castle window with gun hole]

Castle window with gun hole

The round hole was almost certainly made to allow a musket to poke thorugh, with the gunner watching through the slit above. Originally it would probably just have been a slit, for an archer to use. [more...]

[picture: High mullioned window]

High mullioned window

A window high up in the tower has stone mullions. And an iron drainpipe for the water.

[picture: Stone crest]

Stone crest

The heraldic crest over the door.

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