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UK Holiday 13: Land’s End and The Lizard (page 3/6)

[picture: Bare footprints in wet sand 2]

Bare footprints in wet sand 2

Seconds later the footprints have almost vanished.

[picture: Cornish beach]

Cornish beach

The sea calls to me, the waves, the wet sand, the cliffs, the rocks.

[picture: Anchor chain]

Anchor chain

A pile of rusty iron chain (or steel perhaps) that held a ship’s anchor.

[picture: Ship's anchor]

Ship’s anchor

An old anchor from a ship.

[picture: Land's End Cliffs]

Land’s End Cliffs

The water of the ocean is dark blue at the South-West corner of England.

[picture: Land's End Cliffs 2]

Land’s End Cliffs 2

Waves splashing against rocks.

[picture: Land's End Cliffs 3]

Land’s End Cliffs 3

Waves splashing against rocks.

[picture: Distant lighthouse]

Distant lighthouse

An outcrop of rocks has a lighthouse on it at Land’s End. You know they put it there after lots of people died.

[picture: Distant lighthouse 2]

Distant lighthouse 2

With some nearer rocks to give perspective.

[picture: Working Signpost 40 yards this way]

Working Signpost 40 yards this way

One of the stranger signposts I’ve seen.

[picture: Land's End View 1]

Land’s End View 1

View fron the cliffs at Land’s End.

[picture: Land's End View 2]

Land’s End View 2

View fron the cliffs at Land’s End.

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