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UK Holiday 4: Ellesmere Boat Museum (page 2/9)

[picture: The back end of a duck and the front end of a boat]

The back end of a duck and the front end of a boat

An inauspicious start to my day of photography, but luckily things improved.

[picture: Crane]


Mechanism for a hand-operated crane or moveable winch in a dockyard.

[picture: Crane 2]

Crane 2

From a different angle.

[picture: Lock sluice opening gear]

Lock sluice opening gear

This Victorian rack-and-pinion gear lifts the sluice gate to let the water out of a canal lock. It still works.

[picture: Riding tackle]

Riding tackle

Some leather tackle hanging on a wall.

[picture: Iron ring set in a whitewashed brick wall]

Iron ring set in a whitewashed brick wall

Some of these pictures are for people to use as stock, to incorporate into other works.

[picture: Manger]


An old iron manger bolted to the wall of a stable, but empty.

[picture: ]

[picture: Dock building]

Dock building

An industrial building, probably part of an old mill, from the canal era, before railways.

[picture: Beside the old mill]

Beside the old mill

A path paved with limestone flags, next to an old building built with hand-made bricks and in the shade of a tree. High contrast.

[picture: Yellow flower up close]

Yellow flower up close

Extreme closeup of yellow petals. Probably a yellow rose.

See also No. 2 for a sharper image.

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