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UK Holiday 4: Ellesmere Boat Museum (page 4/9)

[picture: Industrial engines from boats or mills: 6]
[picture: Industrial engines from boats or mills: 7]
[picture: Industrial engines from boats or mills: 8]

Industrial engines from boats or mills: 8

This one is an internal combustion engine, using petrol, made by Austin. you can see the distributor (top left) and te cables going to the spark plugs. [more...]

[picture: Caption for concrete barge]

Caption for concrete barge

Caption explaining the history of the Ferro Concrete Barge No. 18. [more...]

[picture: Ferro Concrete Barge (detail)]

Ferro Concrete Barge (detail)

A boat made of concrete.

[picture: Vintage dockyard crane]

Vintage dockyard crane

Another shot of the hand-operated crane.

[picture: Vintage dockyard crane 2]

Vintage dockyard crane 2

with a car in the background, sorry!

[picture: Factory windows]

Factory windows

Arched (or rounded) windows in the side of an old mill or factory or warehouse, by a canal.

[picture: Canal lock gates]

Canal lock gates

The heavy wooden beams are fastened to the top of the gates, which swing open when the water level is about equal on both sides.

[picture: Old scrap machinery]

Old scrap machinery

A rusting steam locomotive’s boiler, a blue-painted winch, and some other scrap.

[picture: Canal lock]

Canal lock

The gates are closed; this is of course the low end of the lock. The water in the lock must be lowered (by letting it out downstream in this direction through [...] [more...]

[picture: Factory Window]

Factory Window

Another arched window, this time looking out from inside the canal building, and towards a factory or mill.

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