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UK Holiday 4: Ellesmere Boat Museum (page 5/9)

[picture: canal boat]

canal boat

A longboat, or narrowboat, a canal barge in a lock.

[picture: Canal locks]

Canal locks

An overall view of a canal lock (the one on the right is in focus; I’d crop away the left third of this picture probably).

[picture: Canal locks 2]

Canal locks 2

Another view, showing more clearly how the gates are angled so that the pressure of the water keeps them closed.

[picture: Dad peeking out of a canal barge]

Dad peeking out of a canal barge

My father just visible in a long boat.

[picture: Longboat painting]

Longboat painting

Brightly painted decorations and watering-can or bucket on a canal narrow-boat. The transportation by horse-drawn barge was slow enough that people had time on their hands. [more...]

[picture: narrowboat]


A canal barge tied up at a dock.

[picture: Canal boats]

Canal boats

Several longboats, narrowboats, or barges, outside a warehouse. The UK canals were often very narrow.

[picture: Canal loading pier]

Canal loading pier

Canal boats at a wharf.

[picture: Barrows]


Various barrows and dollies for moving luggage or crates.

[picture: hand cart]

hand cart

A cart to be pulled by hand (I think).

[picture: Metal ladder in a ship]

Metal ladder in a ship

A ladder in a yellow-painted boat.

[picture: Vintage scales]

Vintage scales

Old weighing machine, blurry but maybe could be used in the background of some other picture?

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