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UK Holiday 4: Ellesmere Boat Museum (page 8/9)

[picture: Factory panorama shot N]

Factory panorama shot N

One of a series of shots I used to make a picture of a factory with a tall chimney.

[picture: Old advertisements]

Old advertisements

Old metal (enamel) advertisments.

[picture: Notice]


Manchester Ship Canal: Notice: [more...]

[picture: Canal worker's house]

Canal worker’s house

Inside a reconstructed house of a canal worker.

[picture: Canal worker's house 2]

Canal worker’s house 2

Pans in the kitchen

[picture: Canal worker's house 3]

Canal worker’s house 3

The mangle for squeezing the washing. My grandmother used one of these.

[picture: Red Telephone Box]

Red Telephone Box

You know you’re in the UK when you see a red telephone box. Unless it’s a fake one.

[picture: Boat]


A small steam-boat

[picture: Mossdale]


A boat in green water.

[picture: Longboat in the lock]

Longboat in the lock

A boat in a lock.

[picture: Accumulator Tower]

Accumulator Tower

A sign on a building.

[picture: Canal boats]

Canal boats

Narrowboats/longboats/barges. In the foreground a tiller, to steer the boat.

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