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UK Holiday 4: Ellesmere Boat Museum (page 9/9)

[picture: Lamp]


A pre-victorian metal lamppost held to a wall by metal brackets.

[picture: Metal stairs]

Metal stairs

A fire escape perhaps, by the side of a factory.

[picture: Big engine]

Big engine

A rather large old steam engine used to drive machinery in a mill or factory, beside a canal. the two balls are part of a govenor: as they spin faster they rise, but as they rise they close a valve which in turn throttles the steam conimg out and slows them down, so [...] [more...]

[picture: ]

[picture: Steam engine boiler fireplace]

Steam engine boiler fireplace

This is where the fire was made to boil the water to make the steam.

[picture: Arched window]

Arched window

Another shot of an arched window in the side of a mill.

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