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Last Day in Cornwall, and going home to Canada (page 2/8)

[picture: Cannon on stone wall]

Cannon on stone wall

An old iron cannon defends St Keverne church from tourists. [more...]

[picture: St Keverne Church]

St Keverne Church

The gate into the churchyard, defended by a cannon. The tower with its clock and spire in the background.

[picture: Porthallow Public Toilet]

Porthallow Public Toilet

I don’t remember why I photographed the lavatory.

[picture: Porthallow Public Toilet 2]
[picture: Porthallow Public Toilet 3]

Porthallow Public Toilet 3

OK, enough already. Another picture of the urinal.

[picture: The Axminster Castle]

The Axminster Castle

My younger brother Barney and his girlfriend Mel bought this pub on Castle Hill Avenue. I don’t think it has its own Web page.

[picture: The Axminster Castle 2]
[picture: Axminster railway station]

Axminster railway station

A train goes past the platform behind an ornate staircase.

[picture: Axminster railway station]

Axminster railway station

This might be Exeter rather than Axminster. People waiting on the platform.

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