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Last Day in Cornwall, and going home to Canada (page 3/8)

[picture: Train approaching]

Train approaching

A DMU (diesel multiple unit) pulling in to the platform at Axminster station.

[picture: Remember to lock the door.]

Remember to lock the door.

Buttons and lights used to lock the door on the train. I don’t know why they can’t use a regular latch.

[picture: Church Door]

Church Door

A solid oak church door with ornate iron hinges and set in a trifoliate stone arch in the side of an old church. The church (I think) is now a pub, the Queen of Hearts. [more...]

[picture: Church Door 2]

Church Door 2

Another view.

[picture: Church porch door]

Church porch door

The traditional entrance to a church is through the South door.

[picture: Church porch door 2]

Church porch door 2

Showing more of the slate roof and the surroundings.

[picture: Church porch door 3]

Church porch door 3

Looking straight on at the door, which is probably of stout oak, and has ornate black hinges. The door is set in a stone arch, and there are dead leaves on the [...] [more...]

[picture: Church tower]

Church tower

Here you can see the church tower with its clock, and the quiet enclosed churchyard.

[picture: Church with tree]

Church with tree

An old tree (Sycamore I think) stands next to the church.

[picture: Manchester row houses]

Manchester row houses

A terrace behind the church.

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