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Last Day in Cornwall, and going home to Canada (page 4/8)

[picture: Manchester row houses 2]

Manchester row houses 2

Terraced brick houses.

[picture: Church corner]

Church corner

A peaceful image, for me at least.

[picture: Church car park]

Church car park

Manchester at its best.

[picture: Church tower 2]

Church tower 2

Another view.

[picture: Church porch roof detail]

Church porch roof detail

Some of the ridge tiles are broken but it’s still interesting. Isn’t it?

[picture: Church door hinge]

Church door hinge

A close-up of one of the hinges.

[picture: Church door]

Church door

yet another shot.

[picture: Revolution vodka bar]

Revolution vodka bar

A vodka bar in Fallowfield, Manchester.

[picture: Revolution vodka bar 2]

Revolution vodka bar 2

Closer shot of the entrance.

[picture: Fallowfield Station Xs]

Fallowfield Station Xs

“bar Xs” is in the converted station. There are a lot of students in this area, and they seem to buy more drinks than shoes. Best way.

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