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UK Holiday 3: Martin Mere Wildfowl 0 Wetlands Trust (page 2/4)

[picture: Flamingos]


Pinkish-white birds with long necks. They are fed pink dye to change their colour; they are not naturally pink.

[picture: Mallard ducks.]

Mallard ducks.

a sort of water bird.

[picture: Fuzzy mushroom]

Fuzzy mushroom

A mushroom. Out of focus. these are unsorted pictures.

[picture: Mushrooms]


These ones are in focus. But are they mushrooms or toadstools?

[picture: Ducks]


Ducks swimming in a pond.

[picture: Bird centre]

Bird centre

The building is designed to blend in. Which, apart from the white spiky pointy bit, it does.

[picture: Swan]


It belongs to the Queen.

[picture: Swimming bird]

Swimming bird

Probably a sort of duck.

[picture: ]

[picture: Swan's Head]

Swan’s Head

The dark part of the Swan’s head is called the bill, which means the same as beak but sounds more educated. Well, the small round dark part is an eye. [more...]

[picture: Duck In Motion]

Duck In Motion

It was vibrating I think.

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