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UK Holiday 3: Martin Mere Wildfowl 0 Wetlands Trust (page 3/4)

[picture: Duck in Motion 2]

Duck in Motion 2

They swim fast, too.

[picture: A Private bath]

A Private bath

This duck didn’t see me. It was having a nice soapy shower.

[picture: Bird hiding behind leaves]

Bird hiding behind leaves

This is an almost shot. About as useful as “I almost won the lottery but one of my numbers was wrong.”

[picture: Duck on Dry Land]

Duck on Dry Land

The duck and pigeon were playing a game of dice. They have just thrown, but are disagreeing about the number of spots, especially since the dice is invisible. [more...]

[picture: Swanky Duck]

Swanky Duck

A duck walking about on land.

[picture: Blurry blur]

Blurry blur

No idea.

[picture: Susie enjoyed feeding the ducks]

Susie enjoyed feeding the ducks

The ducks liked it, too.

[picture: Bird with red beak]

Bird with red beak

OK, sorry, red bill. A sort of duck probably.

[picture: Webbed feet]

Webbed feet

But they are bare feet!

[picture: Slopy duck]

Slopy duck

The picture isn’t any better rotated by 90 degrees. Duck stands facing away from the camera, looking at the water.

[picture: Pigeon]


A bird.

[picture: Different birds]

Different birds

I forgot what they are. they have long necks.

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