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UK Holiday 3: Martin Mere Wildfowl 0 Wetlands Trust (page 4/4)

[picture: Bird with red eye]

Bird with red eye

And no, I didn’t use a flash.

[picture: Flower]


Bindweed (also called convolvulus), I think

[picture: Red-headed bird]
[picture: Ducks.]


Rigned-neck plovers? Mallards? Ostriches? Geese? No, ducks I think.

[picture: Ugly red-headed bir]

Ugly red-headed bir

If I looked like that I’d probably be a sort of duck.

[picture: Geese]


Raising their euphonius voices unto the sky.

[picture: Tree with small pile of earth]

Tree with small pile of earth

Sounds like installation art in the Tate, but I think it’s actually just moles.

[picture: Brown bird in grass]

Brown bird in grass

Probably a duck.

[picture: Bird looking at us]

Bird looking at us

Very possibly not a duck.

[picture: Two of them]

Two of them

Looking at us. Nothing better to do, birds?

[picture: Ugly bird in swirly water]

Ugly bird in swirly water

Reflections in dark water, a black-and-white duck with a red face, what more could anyone ask for in this morbid and dismal life?

[picture: Ugly bird in swirly water 2]

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