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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 12/15)

[picture: A distant farm]

A distant farm

My husbans (yes, get used to it) wasn’t used to seeing famrs this large, coming as he does from Vermont.

[picture: A distant farm 2]

A distant farm 2

nestling between the hills out of the wind.

[picture: Sheep]


A sheep sitting on the grass and watching us.

[picture: Sheep 2]

Sheep 2

Another one.

[picture: Whaley Bridge Reservoir Panorama 1]

Whaley Bridge Reservoir Panorama 1

Only two shots in this series, plus the finished panorama of the lake.

[picture: Whaley Bridge Reservoir (the panorama)]

Whaley Bridge Reservoir (the panorama)

This view of the lake is made from two separate shots. It’s also on DeviantArt where you can leave comments if you like. [more...]

[picture: Whaley Bridge Reservoir Panorama 2]

Whaley Bridge Reservoir Panorama 2

The 2nd shot used to make a panorama (a composite picture) of the lake.

[picture: Blackberry bush]

Blackberry bush

Blackberries on this prickly creeper.

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

Made with stone bricks and with mortar.

[picture: Stone wall with box hedge]

Stone wall with box hedge

The green plant above this crennelated wall is called box.

[picture: Quarry tree]

Quarry tree

A tree on the brink of a precipice by a quarry.

[picture: Quarry]


A large wquarry on the edge of the Peak District National park.

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