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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 15/15)

[picture: Odin Cave 1]

Odin Cave 1

Underneath a grassy hill, a cave mouth, a blackness in the rock, and a path leading down and inside. Perhaps King Arthur lies sleeping here, ready for England’s greatest need. [more...]

[picture: Odin Cave 2]

Odin Cave 2

Closer view of the cave entrance.

[picture: Odin Cave 3]

Odin Cave 3

Cave mouth, entrance to underground caverns, etc etc, go wild.

[picture: Odin Cave 4]

Odin Cave 4

Different camera settings.

[picture: Odin Cave 5]

Odin Cave 5

Ancient gorge beside the mine.

[picture: Odin Cave 6]

Odin Cave 6

The car park, with our rental car, and the wheat-fields and green hills and trees fading in the background in misty fog. [more...]

[picture: Odin Cave 7]

Odin Cave 7

Odin Mine plaque

[picture: Odin Cave 8]

Odin Cave 8

Odin plaque with diagram

[picture: ]

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