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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 2/15)

[picture: Canadian souvenir shop]

Canadian souvenir shop

A bear dressed as a mountie in Toronto airport to bid us goodbye. Or maybe it’s a moose!

[picture: Massimo Designer Wear]

Massimo Designer Wear

I had a colleague by the name of Massimo. This sign is in Manchester city centre [US: downtown Manchester, England].

[picture: Massimo Designer Wear 2]

Massimo Designer Wear 2

This one is in focus.

[picture: Near the Hotel]

Near the Hotel

Our hotel, the Moorside Grange (at that time a Hilton) was a short drive out of Manchester into the Peak District, and had spectacular views. I took this and a lot of other shots to stitch [...] [more...]

[picture: Near the Hotel 2]

Near the Hotel 2

For a panorama.

[picture: Near the Hotel 3]

Near the Hotel 3

For a panorama.

[picture: Disley Tree]

Disley Tree

A tree in Higher Disley looking out over the moor towards Manchester (I think).

[picture: Stone wall and path]

Stone wall and path

A side-gate to let people walk along the path over the hill, in England’s beautiful Peak District. My husband is from America, and had a hard time believing that somewhere so peaceful [...] [more...]

[picture: View from the hotel window]

View from the hotel window

We were living in a city at the time (Toronto), so it was a real change to see cattle out of the bedroom window!

[picture: View from the hotel window 2]

View from the hotel window 2

You can just make out the car park [US: parking lot], and in the distance you can see the hills here at the edge of the Peak District.

[picture: View from the hotel window 3]

View from the hotel window 3

Looking out of our hotel window.

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