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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 6/15)

[picture: Blurry plants]

Blurry plants

scheduled for deletion.

[picture: Plants]


Silver-grey plants.

[picture: Heather]


Close-up macro shot of heather blooming, with some lavender in the background. Or maybe it’s something else.

[picture: Flowers]


Some sort of blossom, perhaps on a tree. Makes me wonder if the Heather picture is really what it says. [more...]

[picture: Pink flower]

Pink flower

Close-up of a pink flower with tentacles to lure the... er with stamens and stuff.

[picture: Overexposed daisies]

Overexposed daisies

Actually they aren’t daisies. Blackthorn maybe. But they do seem a little over-exposed.

[picture: Over the fence to the hill]

Over the fence to the hill

The area near the hotel.

[picture: Berries]


Green creeper with berries making a texture.

[picture: Purple-pink flowers with bumble bee]

Purple-pink flowers with bumble bee

A macro shot (closeup) of a big bumble bee, close up!

[picture: Candelabra]


An electrified candelabra (a chandelier but for candles) near a ceiling with oak beams, all very mediƦval [US: medieval/mediaeval] in style, or utterly goth, not sure [...] [more...]

[picture: Candelabra 2]

Candelabra 2

MediƦval [US: medieval] style candelabra, with small light bulbs instead of candles, and heraldic devices, the roses of Yorkshire and Lancashire perhaps. [more...]

[picture: hand-made brick wall]

hand-made brick wall

An old wall made with hand-made bricks, in the hotel.

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