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2004/09 UK Holiday 1: Takeoff, Arrival, Manchester, Peak District (page 8/15)

[picture: Dry stone wall keeping the city out]

Dry stone wall keeping the city out

In the far distance lies a great and sprawling city; here is peace.

[picture: Hill with grass]

Hill with grass

What else am I going to photograph on a grassy hill? Maybe you had to be there.

[picture: Silvery white thing]

Silvery white thing

A thistle-down I think.

[picture: Silvery white thing 2]

Silvery white thing 2

The thistle-down wet with dew in the early morning. White strands almost like a spider’s web.

[picture: Silvery white thing 3]

Silvery white thing 3

More of them in the mud, almost like feathers.

[picture: Muddy field and green hill]

Muddy field and green hill

And did those feet/in ancient times
walk on England’s green and pleasant hills?

[picture: Public Footpath]

Public Footpath

Peak District & Northern Counties Footpaths Preservation Society [more...]

[picture: Through the dry stone wall]

Through the dry stone wall

Looking through a hole in an ancient dry stone wall to see the view of the green rolling hills. [more...]

[picture: Discared wool on the grass]

Discared wool on the grass

Some wool from passing sheep.

[picture: Dry stone wall]

Dry stone wall

A dry stone wall makes an interesting texture.

[picture: Sheep]


Ewe’ve got to love ’em.

[picture: Panorama - Sheep-covered hills: 1]

Panorama - Sheep-covered hills: 1

A series of pictures that I later stitched together to make a panorama of green hills in England’s sheep-covered hills of the Peak District. [more...]

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