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UK holiday 05: Wigan Pier (page 3/6)

[picture: Spiky Green Plant]

Spiky Green Plant

A green plant with spike-shaped pointy leaves. Actually I think it’s a close-up of some gorse, which is very sharp and unpleasant.

[picture: Spiky Green Plant 2]

Spiky Green Plant 2

Another view of a gorse bush close-up.

[picture: Spiky Green Plant 3]

Spiky Green Plant 3

Gorse bush. Nudists not welcome here.

[picture: Yellow flowers]

Yellow flowers

Nice warm colours for September.

[picture: White flower]

White flower

A flower, close-up.

[picture: Red metal arch]

Red metal arch

It was once part of a machine I think.

[picture: Red metal arch 2: closeup of writing]

Red metal arch 2: closeup of writing

The lettering on the arch reads as follows: [more...]

[picture: Turbine outside mill]

Turbine outside mill

The large fan from the other end, with a tower in the background bearing the date 1907. A symbol of the industrial North?

[picture: Turbine outside mill 2]

Turbine outside mill 2

With different camera settings.

[picture: Red things---rosehips]

Red things—rosehips

Look almost like radishes here but it’s really a close-up of some rose hips.

[picture: Brick texture]

Brick texture

A closeup of a single brick, e.g. for use in a 3d program.

[picture: Brick/stone wall]

Brick/stone wall

A stone wall, with stones roughly cut into brick shapes, making a sort of texture or pattern.

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