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UK holiday 05: Wigan Pier (page 6/6)

[picture: canal with footbridge]

canal with footbridge

A canal in early evening, with an iron footbridge painted black with a white railing and the stone footings for it visible. In the background are some 18th century warehouses and a couple of barges. [more...]

[picture: Painting a canal boat]

Painting a canal boat

A canal boat is in a dry dock being repaired and painted.

[picture: In the lock]

In the lock

A canal boat in the lock; the water level is very low; when full, it comes to the level of the darker row of stone “bricks.” Just behind the man at the tiller there’s [...] [more...]

[picture: English Rose]

English Rose

An old-fashioned English rose.

[picture: creeper with lens flares]

creeper with lens flares

The sun shining down so strongly that you can barely see the ivy-covered wall behind it, although if you use curves->auto (or Automatic Contrast) you get an interesting effect. [more...]

[picture: Red blur]

Red blur

No idea.

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