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Various snapshots (page 6/10)

[picture: Homomonument 4]

Homomonument 4

The pink granite triangle is on the forecourt of a church.

[picture: Church Entrance 1]

Church Entrance 1

The entrance to a religious building in Amsterdam.

[picture: Church Entrance 2]

Church Entrance 2

A slightly different shot. Notice the hourglass over the door: they days are numbered.

[picture: Building 1]

Building 1

A building in Amsterdam

[picture: Building 2]

Building 2

This time it’s more nearly upright. I love the green and yello tulips in three of the upstairs windows.

[picture: Nico (Niek) Engelschman 1913-1988]

Nico (Niek) Engelschman 1913-1988

Actor. Pioneer of homosexual rights and gay liberation 1939 – 1966. [more...]

[picture: Amsterdam Alleyway]

Amsterdam Alleyway

I forget exactly where this is. I wanted to show how even a narrow side-street, where you can touch both walls with your hands at the same time, can have shop fronts and bars. [more...]

[picture: Amsterdam Crowd]

Amsterdam Crowd

I forget where this was exactly, but there’s quite a crowd here, mostly shopping. I’ve a feeling there’s a second-hand bookshop (US: used bookstore) on the [...] [more...]

[picture: Public art mural 1]

Public art mural 1

A giant mural in Amsterdam

[picture: Public art mural 2]

Public art mural 2

A giant mural in Amsterdam

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