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Various snapshots (page 8/10)

[picture: Amsterdam canal trip N]
[picture: Dome]


A domed building (obsavatory? cathedral? tennis court?) in Amsterdam

[picture: Multi-story Bike Park 1]

Multi-story Bike Park 1

Only in Amsterdam! A multi-storey bicycle park!

[picture: Multi-story Bike Park 2]

Multi-story Bike Park 2

A better shot. Including someone presumably having just parked a bicycle.

[picture: The station from the other side I think]

The station from the other side I think

The harbour at Amsterdam.

[picture: The Amsterdam 1]

The Amsterdam 1

Perhaps a 16th century ship?

[picture: The Amsterdam 2]

The Amsterdam 2

A big sailing ship. The trap doors in the stern are probably for cannon.

[picture: The Amsterdam 3]

The Amsterdam 3

Masts and rigging.

[picture: The Amsterdam 4]

The Amsterdam 4

A version of The Amsterdam 3 that emphasises the rigging.

[picture: Trees and Dutch building]

Trees and Dutch building

Trees in front of a building in Amsterdam

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