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Prince Edward County April 2006: various pictures (page 3/9)

[picture: Dog nose]

Dog nose

Black dog with snout on the floor.

[picture: Dog nose 2: Floor without dog]

Dog nose 2: Floor without dog

OK, I should just delete this. This is a photo of where the dog wasn’t. I think he moved.

[picture: Dog nose 3]

Dog nose 3

Is that a smile?

[picture: Dog nose 4]

Dog nose 4

Morose hound. I made a version of this for Deviant Art, Dog nose framed

[picture: Dog nose 5]

Dog nose 5

With a frame round it

[picture: Dog nose 6: Morose Dog]

Dog nose 6: Morose Dog

I did this one for Deviant Art, where it’s Morose in Yellow.

[picture: Dog's Head]

Dog’s Head

these are unsorted photos, OK?

[picture: Dog's Head 2]

Dog’s Head 2

The dog sitting under my desk.

[picture: Dog's Head 3]

Dog’s Head 3

The dots of white are because the dog had been licking the inside of a large container of yoghurt [US: yogurt].

[picture: Dog's Paw]

Dog’s Paw

A close-up of the dog’s paw. A hairy foot.

[picture: Behind Walmart]

Behind Walmart

The car park [US: parking lot] behind Wal-Mart in Belleville, Ontario. An empty lot with grass.

[picture: Behind Walmart 2]

Behind Walmart 2

If you look the other way there’s a river with a weir and little islands.

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