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March/April 2006 - Redwood City, America (page 4/6)

[picture: Stone wall]

Stone wall

A wall made of rough-hewn rectangular stones.

[picture: Stone wall 2]

Stone wall 2

A wall made of rough-hewn rectangular stones.

[picture: Receding cloister]

Receding cloister

Nested arches, rows of pillars, rows of lights, I loved the repetition. This picture needs some post-processing love, though.

[picture: Receding cloister 2]

Receding cloister 2

This is receding so fast it blurred.

[picture: Receding cloister 3]

Receding cloister 3

I found a support for my camera and could use a slightly longer exposure, but light was fading fast and this is not such a good composition as the first in [...] [more...]

[picture: Ornate gothic lamp]

Ornate gothic lamp

A spherical lamp held by wrought iron clasps in the shape of flowers. In the background, a tiled roof, something people have forgotten how to make here in Canada, alas. [more...]

[picture: Cloister with Bikes]

Cloister with Bikes

This colonnaded walk or cloister in Stanford University campus has bicycles, perhaps belonging to students, parked inside it.

[picture: Entering a life of study]

Entering a life of study

A building on Stanford University campus seen from across a courtyard with trees in the foreground.

[picture: Nested gateways]

Nested gateways

Looking through a pair of (open) iron gates at an arched gate-house with a clock over the arched entrance, and another gatehouse in the background. Sanford university campus. [more...]

[picture: Nested gateways 2]

Nested gateways 2

With the palm trees and the creeper visible.

[picture: More cloisters]

More cloisters

I like them, OK?

[picture: Creeper-covered gateway]

Creeper-covered gateway

An arched stone gateway with creeper growing on the walls and over the arch. If you use this as a stock image, start by playing with levels and curves to stretch/improve the contrast. [more...]

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