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March/April 2006 - Redwood City, America (page 5/6)

[picture: Creeper-covered gateway 2]

Creeper-covered gateway 2

Different camera settings.

[picture: Creeper]


Ivy on the walls, e.g. for a texture.

[picture: Creeper 2]

Creeper 2

Ivy on the walls, e.g. for a texture.

[picture: Palm tree traffic circle]

Palm tree traffic circle

Palm trees growing on Stanford university campus, silhouetted against an evening sky.

[picture: Stanford University chapel]

Stanford University chapel

With a mural on one end, and palm trees in the middle foreground.

[picture: Blurry cloisters]
[picture: Statues in courtyard]

Statues in courtyard

Some statues of men showing a bit of leg, it seems, in a courtyard in Stanford University. SOme of them have bare feet too!

[picture: Stanford University chapel 2]

Stanford University chapel 2

Showing the mural on the end wall.

[picture: Michael]


[permission pending; this picture is not in the public domain]

[picture: Stanford university library]

Stanford university library

Or possibly some other newer building.

[picture: Stanford university library 2]

Stanford university library 2

I do think they have books in their library! What are libraries coming to?

[picture: Stanford university library 3]

Stanford university library 3

not a good shot. scheduled for deletion.

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