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Snapshots from San Francisco Airport, at the Unicode conference (page 2/3)

[picture: Marshy inlet]

Marshy inlet

Mashy land near the airport.

[picture: Marshy inlet 2]

Marshy inlet 2

A better shot perhaps.

[picture: Driftwood]


Close-up shot of some driftwood.

[picture: Driftwood 2]

Driftwood 2

slightly different angle and with the grain and bolt in focus instead of the board.

[picture: Rusty bolt]

Rusty bolt

A rusty bolt in driftwood found on the shore.

[picture: Driftwood 3: nail holes]

Driftwood 3: nail holes

wood bleached by the salt and the sun and worn smooth by the relentless waves.

[picture: Driftwood 4: nail holes]

Driftwood 4: nail holes

Different andgle

[picture: rocks on the shore]

rocks on the shore

A shore with dirty rocks, for use as a backdrop.

[picture: rocks on the shore 2]

rocks on the shore 2

A different view.

[picture: plane taking off]

plane taking off

SFO airport from across the bay, with bud in the foreground and the aeroplane [US: airplane] in the distance.

[picture: White flower]

White flower

With a hint of red berries in the background.

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