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Snapshots from San Francisco Airport, at the Unicode conference (page 3/3)

[picture: Outside brass lantern]

Outside brass lantern

A brass lantern (lanthorn) with fake candles in it, outside on a wall.

[picture: Fuzzy presentation]

Fuzzy presentation

Someone from the American army gave a presentation, which was in fact (I thought) as fuzzy as this photo.

[picture: We believe in God]

We believe in God

Photograph of two male faces and shirtless chests, heads close together, with the following caption: [more...]

[picture: Plane engine at night]

Plane engine at night

Taken out of the aeroplane/airplane window somewhere on the flight back from San Francisco.

[picture: Plane engine at night 2]

Plane engine at night 2

Different lighting.

[picture: Plane engine at night]

Plane engine at night

Different lighting.

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