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Point Petre, May 2006 (page 2/4)

[picture: Ladybirds 1]

Ladybirds 1

There were lots of ladybirds (US: ladybugs) near the shore.

[picture: Ladybirds 2]

Ladybirds 2

A closer view. They just make a big pile like VW Beetles [US: VW bugs] in a scrapyard. These orange insects with black spots and hidden wings are alive, though. [more...]

[picture: Ladybirds 3]

Ladybirds 3


[picture: Ladybirds 4]

Ladybirds 4

More blurry insects.

[picture: Ladybirds 5]

Ladybirds 5

A close-up with focus on some of the middle ones.

[picture: Ladybirds 6]

Ladybirds 6

Slightly different angle.

[picture: Ladybirds 7]

Ladybirds 7

Ladybird city. [US: Ladybug Depot]. Lots of these little insects basking on the rocks. Or maybe they are out shopping.

[picture: Ladybirds 8]

Ladybirds 8

Lots more.

[picture: Ladybirds 9]

Ladybirds 9

One of thenm has mutated into something else.

[picture: Ladybirds 10]

Ladybirds 10

A clump of thenm on the edge of a rock, together with normal black beetles.

[picture: Marzipan the Cat: chin]

Marzipan the Cat: chin

Under the cat’s chin, showing his whiskers and his nose.

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