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Point Petre, May 2006 (page 3/4)

[picture: Marzipan the Cat 2: lick]

Marzipan the Cat 2: lick

The cat wanted to lick the camera. A cat’s ear, eye and tongue.

[picture: House]


A nearby house whose colours we like.

[picture: House 2]

House 2

Another shot of the house, to get the colours.

[picture: Hay cart]

Hay cart

A cart with rolls of hay.

[picture: Hay cart 2]

Hay cart 2

A hay wagon.

[picture: Hay cart 3]

Hay cart 3

Another view.

[picture: For sale]

For sale

The neighbour’s house is for sale (or was, when this picture was taken).

[picture: Tree from barn]

Tree from barn

A tree from a hole in our barn. The telegraph wires are unfortunate.

[picture: Rope in the barn]

Rope in the barn

A rope hanging from a beam. Taken without flash.

[picture: Rope in the barn 2]

Rope in the barn 2

With flash.

[picture: Rope in the barn 3]

Rope in the barn 3

Another view.

[picture: Rope in the barn 4]

Rope in the barn 4

Without flash, but with longer exposure.

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