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Point Petre, May 2006 (page 4/4)

[picture: Rope in the barn 5]

Rope in the barn 5

Another angle.

[picture: Door latch]

Door latch

A rusty old door latch on a weathered wooden barn door.

[picture: Boxes in storage]

Boxes in storage

We haven’t moved in yet, so we have some boxes in storage.

[picture: Boxes in storage 2]

Boxes in storage 2

More boxes in storage.

[picture: Old cog]

Old cog

An old rusty metal cog on an old wooden piece of farm equipment, I think a grain elevator.

[picture: Old cog 2]

Old cog 2

Another view.

[picture: Old cog 3]

Old cog 3

A closer view.

[picture: The road]

The road

This is a view of our front lawn and the main road.

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